Working from home is a new concept for most professionals, and can be difficult to get used to without the right advice. Papilio Talent have created 7 top tips for working from home to help you through…

Tip 1: Create your ideal work space!

This is extremely important to maximise your focus and eliminate distractions – and yes, that includes Netflix! Have a designated area in your home where you can work, avoid working in bed or from your sofa. Streaming music or podcasts are an excellent way to creating a distraction-free ambiance.

Tip 2: Communication is key!

Keep communicating with your team and your Manager, ensuring all expectations are crystal clear from all parties. Video call catch ups in the morning are a fantastic way of setting objectives promoting productivity and accountability within the team.

Tip 3: Get Dressed!

As tempting as it is, do not work in your pyjamas. Stick to your usual morning routine, put on fresh clothes and allow it to set you up positively for the day ahead.

Tip 4: Embrace Video Calls!

As working from home may feel lonely and isolating for some – embrace video calls!! Video calling is a fantastic way to feel connected, just because we can’t be in the office, doesn’t mean we can’t continue seeing each other. Apps such as Whatsapp and Facetime are great for virtual catch ups with your colleagues, whereas Skype, Zoom and Teams can be used for virtual meetings.

Tip 5: Lists, Lists and more Lists!

Make a To Do List and spend 15 minutes in the morning on this, familiarising yourself with your duties and prioritising. If you are more tech-savvy, project management apps such as Trello are an amazing way to visualise your day online, without using any paper!

Tip 6: Create a Schedule – and stick to it!

Understand your working habits and maximise this. If you are a morning bird, put your attention heavy things in before lunch – and vice versa. Know when to log off, complete your tasks in the assigned time, and enjoy your free time in the evening with no stress or worries.

Tip 7: Focus!

If you are dedicating 1 hour to a certain task, commit to it. Have a clock visible, close down all apps and avoid multi-tasking or plate-spinning. Set an alarm for when you finish, and focus all of your attention into this one task until the alarm goes off. This will increase productivity and ensure you complete tasks at a high standard.

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Lauren Eagar
Lauren EagarRecruitment Manager