Why Work with a Recruitment Agency in Malta?

Why Work with a Recruitment Agency in Malta?

11 months ago

We hear you loud and clear. Malta has plenty of recruitment agents all trying to win your business and you’re not sure you should engage with or who you can trust. Your brand is important and has probably taken years of hard work and investment to build up, which is why you should be selective of who you partner up with because when someone recruits on behalf of your company, they represent your company’s brand. For this reason you need to work with the best and develop a long term relationship.

Choosing the wrong recruitment agency can be incredibly frustrating, time consuming and costly. Selecting a good recruitment agency in Malta rather then several will mean that only one company is privy to your companies sensitive information such as salaries. It’s a fine balance.

For a successful client – recruiter relationship to flourish, it is important to understand it is a partnership where both assist each other to a common goal with the client needing to be clear and concise in their requirements.

So when selecting a recruitment agency in Malta you need to consider:

Do they specialize in your market? Are they solely focused on your discipline?

At Papilio Talent we focus solely on the recruitment of accountants / financial staff, corporate and legal staff and compliance staff and support staff in these areas. We do not recruit for anything else.

How long have they been recruiting in Malta for?

Our staff have many years of experience recruiting accountants, legal and compliance staff. We are different from most agencies as we have people with accounting, legal and compliance backgrounds so we are able to qualify candidates and understand terminology better.

What value can they add? Naturally most recruitment firms can help with manning your operation, but it might make sense to work with a recruitment firm that can give you a little more.

We can also assist with advisory services with regards human resources processes and procedures such as drafting employment contracts and HR policies, applying for work permits and running payroll in Malta and the relevant filings with the authorities.

Are they advisory? You need a recruitment agent who is motivated. Motivated about what you require and what you company is trying to achieve.

We are passionate about what we do and our service offering is designed to develop long lasting business relationships so that you can trust us as your recruitment partner. We would rather say we cannot assist then chance our arm with a speculative CV send and damage our reputation.

Writing a detailed job specification or description is so important as it allows candidates to understand fully the requirements of the role and the recruitment agent clear guidance of what is needed.

If you are not clear in your requirements, or who the right fit is for your organization, then it makes the recruitment agents task near impossible.

You should be clear about

The company – What does the company do? What is the size of the company.

The role and the department - What will the employee be doing? How will they fit in to your organisation?

Salary, key benefits - Its not all about money. Is there additional benefits for working with your organisation? Study Leave, Flexible Hours, Health Care....etc.

Your perfect candidate - what characteristics, skill sets does that perfect candidate have? Who would fit into your company culture or within your team / department?

What qualities / characteristics are essential / preferred for the role

Are there any non – negotiables? Language requirements, specific qualifications etc.

Be alert and responsive. Communication is key!

We understand your likely to be very busy but communication is crucial and in a fast moving market that delay in responding or having a recruitment process that is too long can lead to disappointment. Candidates will not hang around should they get other offers. The best recruiters never give candidates a chance to lose interest but if we present good candidates you might not be the only company who will want them.

We are incredibly proud of the fact that since establishing our business that we have an extremely high success rate of employees staying in your business beyond the initial 6 month probation period and many happy candidates still in the same employment one and two years later. We back ourselves and our processes to understand the candidates well. We are able to qualify their experience and qualifications thanks to our understanding of the industry and experience of having recruited financial services staff for many years.

Papilio Talent is a specialist recruitment agency in Malta that assists companies in the recruitment process of financial, legal and compliance professionals. If you need assistance finding that next employment talent for your organisation get in touch with us.

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