about 1 year ago

It is completely normal that stressful times do occur,even in an amazing job! The support of a healthy work environment and encouraging colleagues is so crucial for us to bounce back.Burnout, on the other hand, generally happens when a situation gets out of hand or support is not easily accessible.

According to theWorld Health Organization (WHO), Burnout is the result of chronic workplace stress which has not been handled successfully. It can be due to an unmanageable workload, limited guidance and support from colleagues, or even a clash in work values. We do support the idea of opening up to a Manager or HR department about this struggle, and together seeing a way forward to combat this distressing time.

If no solution is found, there are various companies and organizations which might be a better fit. Burnout can derive from a discrepancy between the individual and the job, where one’s personality may not suit the organization’s culture. This would be a great time to see what you want in a role – Would you like a change in working hours? Would you like a friendlier environment? Would a clearer role or structured duties work better for you?

There is no shame in a career change either. Sometimes working in the role would make you realize that you would like to follow another career path. As daunting as that may seem, having a think about what career you would like to progress in will eventually lead to a successful profession.

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